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Power tabs for free download

When you open guitar tabs, you may feel they suit so much better acoustic one and will be correct. The majority of guitar chords and tabs are created with acoustic guitar in mind. This doesn’t mean you are not allowed use them for electric guitar, but the result may not please you.

Earlier the electric guitar was an instrument that has been used as "loud version of acoustic guitar”. In fifties of previous century electric guitar got new life – overdriven sound and distortion were invented. This gave rise to new music styles – rock and roll, and later metal.

If you are tired of boring guitar music and you want to “kick butt”, power chords are definitely for you. Guitar power tabs make playing more interesting, live and emotional. Power pro tabs are an excellent solution for beginners as well as usually they use only two or three strings. Move power chords around, increasing the speed and you will get minor and major keys.

Power chords are easy to practise and you won’t get tired quickly, but try to add different styles and mix guitar tabs and power tabs for better results and quicker growth in skills.

Today you can download various power tabs in Internet. Out website is no exception. Just click Power tabs section and browse wide selection of free power tabs. Also look what other people like and check our newest additions to power tab files. Playing guitar with power tabs is fun and we hope you will like it!

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