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Get free piano song tabs, piano sheet tabs and music

Piano is one of the most popular instruments. It combines rich sound and flexibility as thereís no melody you can fail to play on piano. There's no wonder that piano tabs become so popular these days.

Traditionally piano is played using piano sheets, but today you can also find piano tabs and chords that simplify the process of learning. While you see musical symbols for pitch and chords in notes, the main idea of piano tab is to show you which finger and when should hit piano key. This makes piano chords so comprehensive and thus so appealing for beginners.

Music piano tabs look similar to the instrument. You will not find here any sharps, keys or flats that should be decoded. Also no special software or word processor is needed to create piano tabs, so you can find multiple piano song tabs in our database. Just select the tab for the right instrument and go ahead. Sometimes you can find piano sheet tabs in ASCII text. It will be perfectly read by a program like Guitar Pro. By the way, piano guitar tabs are also not rare today. Also as you get little experience, you will be able to convert guitar tabs to play music on piano, but beginners are recommended to use easy piano tabs. It is possible though some people state piano tabs are only for piano and guitar tabs are only for guitar and advise to learn piano sheets.

The only disadvantage of piano tabs and chords is the same with guitar or bass tabs Ė tablature cannot provide information concerning note duration or harmony. You cannot play the melody in right rhythm unless you know it well. That is why itís also recommended to use special programs like Guitar Pro that display piano song tabs, but can play music preview in MIDI from piano sheets. Certainly, if you want to become a serious pianist, you will need to learn notes and use piano note tabs, but general piano tabs are a wonderful introduction into the world of music.

Here at we have a section devoted exclusively to piano tabs. Look at Fresh tabs to see what has been added recently and donít forget to check out Popular tabs to see what other visitors like. Free piano tabs are always ready for download or viewing.

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