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Download free drum tabs and notes, and master the instrument using easy drum guitar pro tabs

Just as well as bass guitar, drums create rhythm for whole melody. That’s why drums + bass are often called rhythm section in a band. If you just start playing drums, you may find it quite complicated as opposite to guitar tabs where you see direct descriptions for each chord, drum tabs seem to contain some undefined lines and strange symbols. Good news is that drum notes are not difficult and after short practice you will be able to read drum tabs without any problem.

In general there are two types of drum sheet music: traditional drum music and drum tabs that can be easily found in Internet.

Traditional drum music is written on sheet music paper. Sometimes notation software can be used for this purpose or you can find drum notes published as PDF files. As you know, each drum element in the set has its particular place. Sheet music paper contains 5 lines with each one corresponding particular drum element. The bottom line is for bass drum and the top stave in sheet music paper means cymbals. Symbols themselves look like notes and bear a number of options like note length.

Drum tabs have become really popular over lest years as they provide simplicity and ease of use, allowing even unskilled musicians to play drum parties from favorite songs. Tab authors do not need any expensive software to generate these tabs and people who want to view the tab do not need to install anything.

As you open drum tablature, you will see the beats and small dashes that act similar to staves in sheet music paper. Circles or small letter ‘o’ you can see represent drum elements. ‘A x’ stand for cymbals and hi-hats. Some drum tabs might use another symbols, but in the majority of cases the mentioned ones are used.

Drum tablature has only one disadvantage – it doesn’t provide high level of accuracy. If you don’t know the song it may be really hard to understand music values correctly. However, there’s one solution that may be helpful. Drum guitar pro tabs have preview option. Just turn it on and the program will start playing the drum part for particular song. It uses the data from tablature to provide correct sound length.

As usual, you can download our free drum tabs in special section of the website. We try to upload only most quality and accurate tabs to help you to get best results.

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