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Tore Up From The Floor Up by Wade Hayes guitar tab

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Band nameWade Hayes »
Song nameTore Up From The Floor Up »
Tab typeGuitar tab »
Size6.38 Kb
File formattxt

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Date: 1/30/99; 4:55:28 PM
Subject: "Tore Up From The Floor Up" by Wade Hayes (TAB, Chords, Numbers, Lyrics)


Tore Up From The Floor Up
From The Wade Hayes Album "When The Wrong One Loves You Right"
Written By J. B. Rudd and Bob Regan
Transcribed by James Michael Randorff

======Nashville Numbers Legend======

In The Key Of E, 1 is E, 1.7 is E7, 2 is F#, 5 is B
In The Key Of A, 1 is A, 2.7 is B7, 4 is D, 5 is E
,/ is a check mark -- it means to hit the chord and then STOP

======Tablature Legend======

h means to hammer onto a note (ex:  2h4 means to pick the string fretted on
   second fret, and hammer onto the fourth fret)
p means to pull off of a note (ex:  2p0 means to pick the string fretted on
   second fret, and pull off to open)
b means to bend the note one half-step up (what it would sound like up one
B means to bend the note one full-step up (what it would sound like up one
s means to pick the note and slide to the next note without picking (ex:  3s2
   means to pick the third fret, and slide to the second fret without picking


This song is a really good starter for those that are wanting to learn hot
   lead guitar.  It's a great combination of pentatonic climbing and full step
   bending.  If you are working on an acoustic, unless you have really light
   strings, or you have a grip like a bear, don't even THINK of attempting the
   third and fourth bar of the intro -- instead, modify it so that you slide
   the second to the fourth fret and then pick the fifth fret, and do that
   times -- otherwise you run a REALLY good chance of slicing your fingertips


Intro / First Solo (I haven't included the timing of the notes, so you'll have
   to listen to the song -- I have, however, blocked off the obvious sections)

      section 1                    section 2
E ==============================|=====================2========|
B ======================7b=7=5==|=====5=5====5=5====5===4=2====|
G ==================4=6=========|==6B=====6B=====6B=========4==|
D ============2=4=6=============|==============================|
A ========2=4===================|==============================|
E ==0=2=4=======================|==============================|

      section 3            section 4
E ==11=10=9==8=7=6=7=6==|==4=3=2=2=1=0==========================
B ==12=11=10=9=8=7=8=7==|==5=4=3=3=2=0==========================
G ======================|==============2h3p2p0==================
D ======================|=====================2p0===============
A ======================|=======================================
E ======================|=======================================

      variation on section 4
      (end of the first solo)
E ==4=3=2=2=1=0================
B ==5=4=3=3=2=0================
G ==============2p0============
D ==================2p0========
A ======================2p0====
E ==========================0==

Verse Fills:

Run Over The B Chord

E =================
B =================
G =================
D ======2==========
A ========4b=4b=2==
E ==2h4============

Run Over The E Chord

E ===================
B ===================
G ===================
D ======2=========2==
A ==2h4===4p2========
E ============4p2====

Chorus Fills:

Runs Over The A Chord

1)                    2)

E =================   E =================
B =================   B =================
G =================   G =================
D ======2==========   D ======2===2======
A ========2b=2b=0==   A ========2===2=0==
E ==0h4============   E ==0h4============

Runs Over The D Chord

1)                    2)

E =================   E =================
B =================   B =================
G ======2==========   G ======2===2======
D ========2b=2b=0==   D ========2===2=0==
A ==0h4============   A ==0h4============
E =================   E =================

Ending Lick

E =4=3=2s1=2=1=0=0==
B =5=4=3s2=3=2=0=2==
G ===============2==
D ===============2==
A ===============0==
E ===============0==

======Lyrics With Chord Symbols======

[Verse -- Key Of E]

The First Time I Laid Eyes On You

Me And My Heart Didn't Have A Clue

What It Was We Were Gettin' Into

But Oh, We Soon Found Out.

You Said "Hi", My Heart Strings Popped

My Lips Lost Track Of My Train Of Thought

I Started Falling, I Couldn't Stop,

[B]        [E7]
Look At Me Now...  I'm

[Chorus -- Key Of A]

[A]                  [D]
Tore Up...  From The Floor Up

       [E]                  [A]
You're Dynamite... You're A Real Humdinger

I'm Unwound...  From The Top Down

[E]                 [A]
Wrapped Around Your Little Finger

     [D]       [E]           [A]                 [D]
Been Sideways, All Day, Just Thinkin' About Last Night

[A]                   [D]
I'm Tore Up, From The Floor Up...

[E]               [A]          [B7]
This Must Be What Love Feels Like

[Verse -- Key Of E]

My Legs Told Me To Find A Chair

You Said "Is It Hot In Here?"

We Walked In The Cool Night Air

And Then Your Hand Touched Mine

I Felt The Ground Begin To Shake

I Tried To Keep My Head On Straight

Then We Kissed...  Earthquake...

[B]           [E7]
The Ten-Point Kind...  I'm

[Repeat Chorus -- Key Of A]

[Repeat Chorus -- Key Of A]

[Tag -- Key Of A]

[A]                   [D]
I'm Tore Up, From The Floor Up...

======Nashville Numbers======

[Intro -- E]

1	1	5	5
5	5	1	1

[Verse -- E]

1	1	5	5
5	5	1	1
1	1	5	5
2	2	5	1.7

[Chorus -- A]

1	1	4	4	5	1
1	1	4	4	5	1
4	5	1	4	4
1	4	5	1	2.7

[Intro -- E]

[Verse -- E]

[Chorus -- A]

[Fiddle Solo -- E]

1	1	5	5
2	2	5	1.7

[Chorus -- A]

1	1	4	4	5,/
1	1	4	4	5	1
4	5	1	4	4
1	4	5	1

[Tag -- A]

1	4	5	1

======Ending Comments======

As always, if you happen to find anything that I did wrong, let me know,
   because I'm always learning until the day that I die -- my e-mail
   address is (just like it says up top).  Just
   remember -- save the flames for the furnace.  Enjoy!  :)

~~James Michael Randorff  (

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