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Take A Friend by Rush guitar tab

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Band nameRush »
Song nameTake A Friend »
Tab typeGuitar tab »
Size3.26 Kb
File formattxt

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From Fri Mar 21 11:31:14 1997
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 03:22:09 -0300
From: Rodrigo Teixeira 
To: guitar@The
Subject: 'Take a Friend' by 'RUSH'

                              Take a Friend - RUSH

from "RUSH" album

Tabbed by: Rodrigo Teixeira 

Intro                                   Fade in... keep repeating (about 6

      D             A               C            G

On the last repeating:

Breaking the intro,
                       D   D

Fill (may be lacking some notes but you can get the idea)

Alex does some cool hard-rock fills EVERYWHERE thru the music
that are hard for me to get, but they are all variations
of the first Fill, you can improvize and make your own
Lifeson Fill :)

Keep repeating the MAIN RIFF and adding some fills around :)

"No one to stick with you till the eeeeeend..."

G           F        D
   Take yourself ...
G           F        D
   Keep'em till the ...
G           F        D
   Whether woman ...
F             G        A
   makes you feel so goo...

repeat INTRO till Fade Out...

-----------------TAB Explanation
b = Bend (full)
h = hammer-on
~ = vibrato

G          F         D                   A
355433     133211    xx0232 or x57765    577655

That's it,
Any corrections, questions, remarks, suggestions or additions e-mail me

			Rodrigo Teixeira 
								A Brazilian Rush Fan

+----ooo---/. .\---ooo------+ "If The Future
| Rodrigo    V     Teixeira |   Is Looking Dark
|         JLENNON           |     We Are The Ones
+---------------------------+       Who Have To Shine" - N.P.

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