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My Big Mouth by Oasis guitar tab

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Band nameOasis »
Song nameMy Big Mouth »
Tab typeGuitar tab »
Size4.5 Kb
File formattxt

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Text of tab

Oasis--MY BIG MOUTH - tabbed by Karim Adab

There are 2 ways of playing the rhythm to  My Big Mouth.

The first is tabbed out below, along with the second version, which uses "open" chords   - this second way is possibly easier to play, and sounds smoother but less "dramatic".

The actual "start" of the progression is the A5, ENDING on the F5 at the start of the next line. Listen to the song and you'll
see what I mean.

The D5 and C5 should only be played once each, and only briefly,  and the 2 F5's are in fact the same chord, it carries over from the end of the progression to the start of the next line.

F5 = 133xxx
A5 = 577xxx
D5 = x577xx
C5 = x355xx
G5 = 355xxx
Fsus2 = x33011
G = 300033  (must be played like this)
E = x2210x

(OR -2nd method)
Am = x02210
Asus4 = x0223x   (just hammer on once from Am then take your finger off again)
G = 300033
Fsus2 = x33022

 Here we go:
 INTRO A5  D5 C5 G5 F5

(OR : substitute above progression all the way through song  for  :  Am, Am + hammer on B string fret 3, G,  Fsus2)
 F5                  A5     D5 C5 G5  F5
 Everybody knows
 F5                                   A5        D5 C5 G5  F5
 And no one's saying nothing
 F5                                   A5    D5 C5 G5 F5
 Is the sound so very loud
 F5                          A5     D5 C5 G5 F5
 That no one can hear
 F5                                                 A5     D5 C5 G5 F5
 And there's something in my shoes
 F5                                      A5        D5 C5 G5 F5
 That's keeping me from walking
 F5                                         A5    D5 C5 G5 F5
 Down along the winding road
 F5                     A5    D5 C5 G5 F5
 Back home to you

Bridge :

 When all your songs cease to be
 That's what you get for sleeping with the enemy
 Where angels fly, you won't play
 So guess who's gotta take the blame for
 F5           A5    D5 C5  G5 F5
 My big mouth
 F5                  A5    D5 C5 G5 F5
 And my big name
 F5                  A5                     D5    C5
 I put on my shoes while I'm walking
 G5                          F5       A5   D5 C5 G5
 Slowly down the hall of fame
 F5                A5     D5 C5 G5 F5
 Into my big mouth
F5                         A5     D5 C5 G5 F5
You could fly a plane
 F5                   A5                    D5   C5
 I put on my shoes while i'm walking
 G5              F5                    A5    D5 C5 G5
 Slowly down the hall of fame
 (VERSE 2)
 I ain't ever spoke to God
 And I ain't ever been to heaven
 But you assume I knew the way
 Even though I'm not worth giving
 As you look into the eye
 Of a bloody cold assassin
 Only then you realise
 This is what you have been missing




7b9  = bend on fret 7 to pitch of string on fret 9
7/9 = string on fret 7, slide to fret 9
7h9 = string on fret 7, hammer to fret 9
7p9 = string on fret 9, pull off to fret 7
~7 = trill, vibrate note
X = "dead" note
NB the first bend is very slow, and released just as slowly.


                 *= play all strings at same time


                                          *            *              *                *

Seeing as the song hasn't even been released yet, there's no "perfect" way of playing the solo - I've got 2 bootlegs of MBM and Noel plays it slightly differently in each of them. This is the version from Loch Lomond.

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