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Dont Look Back In Anger by Oasis chord

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Band nameOasis »
Song nameDont Look Back In Anger »
Tab typeChords »
Size3.02 Kb
File formattxt

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Text of tab

Song: Don't Look Back in Anger
Artist: Oasis
Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory
Transcribed by: Jim Ferraiolo (

This is another one of my favorite tracks off this incredible album.  I'm
probably going to transcribe the entire thing, because I love it that
much.  I've adopted a somewhat new format of notation for this particular
transcription, because the changes are so easily outlined.  If you
enjoy this transcription or use it, let me know.  If you have any questions
or problems, feel free to make any necessary additions without changing
the original.  

Chords used:

C     X32010
G     320033
Am    X02210
E7    020100
F     113211
Fm    133111
G#/E7 420100

[Verse 1]
C               G               Am
Slip inside the eye ...
          E7             F     G
Don't you know ...
A better ...

[Am, G]  - Transition chords, played quickly

[Verse 2]
C             G               Am
You said that ...
            E7                 F    G
But all the things ...
Slowly ...

F            Fm                 C
So I start a ...
F                Fm                       C
Cos you said the brains I ...
F                Fm              C
Step outside the ...
Stand up beside ...
Take that look ...
Am                 G                F             G
Cos you ain't ever going ...

C   G        Am        E7             F
So Sally can wait, she ...
         G          C
As we're ...
C        G      Am        E7         F
Her soul slides away, but ...
  G         C
I heard ...

[Mini solo over once through the verse progression]

Note: I think this solo is mostly in A-minor pentatonic.

[Verse 3, prechorus, chorus, are all same progressions as earlier]

Chorus again:

[Solo over prechorus chords]

Again, this solo is based mainly on pentatonic ideas.  The length is once
through the prechorus progression.  Double the length if you want to solo
a bit longer.  Work those bends and kick some more emotion into an already
emotional song! 

[Drum fill]

Chorus again, but endings: 

    F (upstroke)
But don't look ...
Dont look ...
I heard ...

Once more through the verse progression, then end on:
At least ...

SUBJECT: "Don't look back in anger"
Oasis - Whats the Story...

Here are the chords in the song

C       F      C      F              - Intro

C      G      Am        E            - First verse  

F     G111    C       Am     G       - .ETC

C     G      Am      E

F     Fmaj7  G111   G6     C  Am   G

F     Fm     C

F     Fm     C

F     Fm     C      G       G#7

Am    G      F      G

C     G      Am     E

F     G111   C      Am

G     C      G

Am    E      F     G111    C   G

Am    E      F     G111    C   Am   G

Repeat 1st Verse for 2nd Verse      .etc

E-Mail me, and give suggestions
on upcoming transcriptions.

Dan Joyce

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