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Freedom Like A Shopping Cart by Nofx lyrics

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Band nameNofx »
Song nameFreedom Like A Shopping Cart »
Tab typeLyrics »
Size1.04 Kb
File formattxt

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		A christian an anarchist slash prostitute figures out the true
Meaning of freedom not freedom like america freedom like a
Shopping cart kick back no tense you got a bag of grub that cost you
About 50 cents no fear no fuckin feat malt liquor tastes much
Better on the street crustin away of life for heroines and heroes
Who hitch hike the road to eden not eden like the garden state,
Eden like the state of mind kick back cheap thrills. You'll do
Anything for a laugh even if it kills you the bridge you took it out
The ticket takers suddenly lost count sleeping under rays your teeth
Crumbling away say goodbye to all responsibility you never wanted
It man wasting time whenever you get the chance which happens to
Be all the time kick back free meals a couple times a day, you make
A couple of shady deals no work no fuckin pay cardboard
Condominium by the bay you're between the red & black and
You're never goin back to all responsibility cause you never wanted
It man

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