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Runaway Children by Joe Purdy chord

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Band nameJoe Purdy »
Song nameRunaway Children »
Tab typeChords »
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The source of this tab is cited below.
A note:  [[JP is one of the absolutely most inspiring and artistic independent acts
today.  In an age of readily available free downloads and huge music corporations 
this artist remains true by producing all his many albums independently.  So please, 
not "steal" this music.  Use this tab solely for the advancement of yourself
a musician and to promote JP's music.]]

Runaway Children
By Joe Purdy (
From the album Joe Purdy

Tabbed by Kevin (
Check out the Unofficial Joe Purdy Transcription site at

Capo IV, notes and chords relative to capo


D  C#/D  B/D  A/D

which is picked as follows
 D              C#                            B/D
(D0 - G2 - B3 - A4 - D0 - G2 - B3 - G2 - D0 - A2 - G2 - B3 - A0 - D2 - G2 - B3 - G2)

D       C#/D   B/D  A/D
   C#/D  B/D  A/D
I was born an only child, on a warm Jersey night

My mother was a dressmaker, my father drove a truck

My family never was much good when it came to money luck, no

Me and my best friend took to stealing, when we were only 16

One year in the county jail, made a man out of Tommy and me, yeah

Caught the train to New York, 'cause we thought we were so tough

Started fighting for quick cash, we decided we didn't need money that bad

Em7  A/D          D      B/D     G
    A/D      D
We were the runaway children, always lost in the dark
Em7  A/D          D      B/D
Trying to forget where we came from, trying to make a new start

Oh but it was so hard

Earned my first honest dollar working at the mill outside of town,

Tommy went elsewhere, never did like the sound of a poor man crying

So Tommy got mixed up with people, the kind of people you just don't get mixed up with

They beat him so badly, he almost didn't live to regret what he did

Oh thank God that he did

We were the runaway children, still lost in the dark

Trying to forget where we came from, trying to make a new start

Oh but it was so hard

Tommy moved 8 years ago, out to Las Vegas

Now he sweeps the floors in the casinos, oh and he gambles when he's able,

When will he ever learn, when will he ever learn?

Me I went back home, oh and I made it just in time

To say sorry for what I'd done, right before my mother died

Now I drive a truck, just like I swore I never would

But I need the money worse than I need the luck

I know my old man did just the best that he could with what he had

It's funny the things we finally learn how to ...

We were just runaway children, lost in the dark

Trying to forget where we came from, oh but we never made, never made it that far

Never made it that far

Oh it's still so hard

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