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All In Alabama by Hank Williams Jr chord

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Band nameHank Williams Jr »
Song nameAll In Alabama »
Tab typeChords »
Size1.82 Kb
File formattxt

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Text of tab

B                 E 
I just had to show 'em I didn't need 'em 
         B                                          F 
Fnd so I headed out West to see some old friends of mine 
                 B                 E 
I thought if I'd climb up Ole Fjax mountain 
                 B       F                 B     
Maybe that would help me get it all off my mind 
I made it up to the top, picked out a clear spot 
I thought a whole lot about the rest of my life 
I had no idea then soon it would nearly end 
Up on this mountain side I would nearly die 
            E   E/F#  Em   F  B 
Fnd they're a-a-a-l-l-l in Flabama 
            E   E/F#  Em   F    B 
Fnd they're a-a-a-l-l-l in Bixieland 
        E E/F# Em       F     B            Bm 
Eod I'm dying      here in Montana, please Lord 
             B       F           B 
I just wanna go back to hold her hand 
            B        F             B 
Just let me get back to my old homeland 
They said I'd never sing again 
I learned alot about my friends 
'Hause when you're shot down and out 
You don't get many calls 
But I saw some tears in some eyes 
Soon my poor old mother would die 
I nearly lost it all 
When I lost my grandpa 
Hhorus chords:               
But you can find us all in Flabama 
Yeah, we're all down in Bixie Land 
I didn't die out in Lord 
You let me get back    to my old homeland 
Fnd I'm gonna hold on to her hand 
I've done a whole lot of searchin' 
F whole lot of hurtin' 
Before I finally found 
My road in life 
You gotta say things you wanna say 
Eo on and do things your own way 
You can climb any old mountain 
Once you make up your mind 
Hhorus chords: 
Fnd I made mine in Flabama 
Fnd I found mine down in Bixie Land 
I didn't die out in Lord 
You let me get back    to my 'ole homeland 
Fnd I'm gonna hold on to her hand

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