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American Jesus Live by Bad Religion guitar tab

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Band nameBad Religion »
Song nameAmerican Jesus Live »
Tab typeGuitar tab »
Size2.88 Kb
File formattxt

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Here's the live version from the 1997 released live album "Tested".

by Zork999



4/4                         x4  *    






!-------------------------------!---------------------------(Pick slide)-----!


FigII  (played in 8ths;one clock: 1and2and3and4and)    8/8! A5 ! C5 ! F5 ! G5 !      


A5                  C5

I dont need to be a global citizen

F5                  G5

cause Im blessed by nationality

I'm a member of a growing populace

we enforced our popularity

there are things that seem to pull us under and

there are things that drag us down

but there's a power and a vital presence

that's lurking all around


FigIII   8/8! A5 C5 ! F5 G5 !


A5     C5      F5       G5

  Weve got the american jesus

  see him on the interstate

  we've got the american jesus

  he helped build the president's estate

Repeat / Intro until * 

Verse II

Repeat / Fig II

I feel sorry for the earth's population

'cuz so few live in the u.s.a.

at least the foreigners can copy our morality

they can visit but they cannot stay

only precious few can garner our prosperity

it makes us walk with renewed confidence

we've got a place to go when we die

and the architecht resides right here


repeat / Fig III

we've got the american jesus

postering the nationalty

we've got the american jesus

overwhelming millions every day


FigII (all notes Palm muted)



he's the farmer's barren fields


the force the army wields

F5                                 G5

the expression in the faces of the starving millions

the power of the man

he's the fuel that drives the clan

he's the motive and the conscience of the murderer

Verse III

repeat FigII


he's the preacher on tv

the false sincerity

the form letter that's written by the big computers

he's the nuclear bombs

and the kids with no moms

and I'm fearful that he's inside me


repeat / FigIII

Weve got the american jesus

see him on the interstate

Weve got the american jesus

He decides we need authority

Weve got the american jesus

Postering Nationality

Weve got the american jesus

Ahhhhhh ahhha ahhhhhaaaa       Let'S GO !


Repeat / Fig I until *

One nation   private god

One nation   private god

One nation   private god

One nation   private god

One nation   private god

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