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Welcome to – a growing guitar tabs database. Our website is dedicated to providing visitors with accurate and quality guitar chords, piano tabs, bass tabs, drum tabs and power tabs. In our website you can find chords guitar pro 5 tabs that become more popular due to ease of use, faster learning and wide selection of adjustments. Certainly, you are welcome to browse our drum & bass tabs song lyrics and learn how to play music of different style.

Music is art. No one is going to argue with this statement. However, music is also professionalism, skill and work. When we like some song or just melody, we usually tend not to notice that it may be not simple to play like that. Musicians always look so inspired and when we see them it feels like playing the most complicated solos is a snap. Then you take a guitar, bass or sit at piano and understand how mistaken you’ve been. You can go to one of music schools that usually teach classic sheet music. You will be prompted to learn notes and this always takes much time. No need to say this way you should be prepared to pay much for your classes and learn paying piano or guitar songs you may not like.

Fortunately, today you can find easy tabs for all music instruments. Chord songs are the easiest way of learning and by far the most exciting one. Easy guitar tabs allow even beginners play their favorite songs. Provided with music lyrics they become really irreplaceable for parties. Just several guitar lessons are needed to start playing guitar chords songs. Actually, you just need to learn how to keep your hands and the principle of guitar tablature. After this get some easy guitar chords and start playing as only practice can turn you to good guitarist.

All songs can be played in a number of ways. Almost any song can be played not only in its normal way, but also in acoustic. Check our acoustic guitar tabs and you will be amazed how your favorite songs can sound.

Complete song tabs, as a rule, include chords for various instruments. Usually these are a guitar (or two guitars), bass guitar and drums. Such tabs are very useful for bands. However, you can find separate bass guitar tabs or drum tabs in corresponding sections of the website. Even a couple of decades ago it was recommended to start music learning from acoustic guitar or piano; today more and more young people prefer to start from the instrument they like the most, so our free chords will help them.

Piano & power tab download free – this is what people search quite often. Without a doubt, offers huge selection of power tabs and chords for any taste. No need to say everything is provided on free basis and everyone is welcome to use our free guitar tabs or piano chords.

You can find the tab or chord you’re interested in a number of ways. First one is to use alphabet at the top of the page. This way you can search tabs by bands. You can also select the type of chord or tab and look what we have at our database. As you can see, we have either guitar tabs, or guitar pro tabs. The last ones become very popular as Guitar Pro simplifies tab reading, enables preview and offers other additional features. Finally, there's a search bar that is very useful in case you seek the exact song. By the way, check our Fresh and Popular tabs sections – they can give you plenty of new ideas. Finally, tags cloud at the bottom shows popular bands and provides direct links to guitar chords and lyrics.

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